The Anatomy of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (otherwise referred to as SEO), is the main way to funnel clients to your business using an online platform. But while it may seem straightforward, there are quite a few intricacies that can make it difficult for you to really get the most out of your SEO without having to pay a lot of extra money. For instance, let’s look at a typical google search for a small business to see just how much of a difference SEO can make:

1.First, the client’s organic search begins by typing in one or several words that summarize what they are searching for. For example, a client in need of refrigerator maintenance might type into Google, “Affordable Refrigerator Maintenance.”

2.Second, the client usually looks through the first 2-5 listings to see which one best fits their needs. These listings are ranked on a Google page depending on a) whether they are a paid Google ad and b) how well their SEO matches the client's search keywords. Some refrigerator repair websites may offer "affordable refrigerator repair", however they do not have this specific wording in their website and aren’t paying a lot of money for a Google ad. Therefore they are drowned out by the competition and pushed into the bottom of the first Google page or even to the second or third pages and miss out on a lot of online customers in need of their services.

3. Finally, the client scrolls down through the Google ads and finds the first organic website link on their Google page. They see that the website has all of the keywords they typed in, so they click on it and like what they see - a small business with an easy-to-navigate site and engaging web design. Why did this refrigerator repair company’s website do better than the other one? They have specific SEO in their website that funneled this client and many other customers to their business, without having to pay for a google ad. 

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This is where Surge Web Design comes in. Based in Boise, Idaho and serving Nampa, Meridian, and cities throughout the United States, we offer website design and improvement services that are focused on getting your business towards the top of a Google page organically.  Before writing out the content for your website, we do extensive research on the most searched and least competitive keywords in your geographical area. By adding these search engine optimization keywords to the headers, H2 tags and body text of your small business website, we make your website easier to find for your potential clients by raising it to one of the first organic spots on a Google search page. Beyond search engine optimization services, we also offer new logo design and responsive website design to make your site as welcoming and user friendly as possible to keep your customers hooked.